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Payment Notice for Confucius Scholarship students

Time:2016-12-01      Source:ISCLC      Author:Anonymous

Dear Students

This is to formally inform that we have decided to accept you as a “Confucius Scholarship” student instructed in Chinese at our university. Because the living expenses will not be distributed to you until your registration, China Construction Bank card and other relevant procedures are handled, please take $500—600 with you as the living reserve fund. The fees you should pay or be paid during your study here are as follows:

  1. Tuition Fee:Free (Paid by Henan University)

  2. Dormitory Fee:Free charge of double beds room(Paid by Henan University)

  3. Medical Insurance:Free (Paid by Henan University)

04. Registration feeFree (Paid by Henan University)

05. Dormitory Deposit Fee: 500 Chinese Yuan (Paid by yourself. Give it in cash to the staff in Room 407 in International Apartment, and please keep the receipt carefully. Please take the original receipt when you go to front desk to ask for your deposit. It will be paid back to you if all facilities are well.)

06. Textbook Fee:Materials recommended by the supervisor (Paid by Yourself. Give it in cash to the teacher Fan in Teaching Affairs Office.)

07. Meal Card Fee:10 Chinese Yuan (Paid by yourself. Buy the card in cash from your Floor Room Assistant.)

08. Living Expenses:2500Chinese Yuan per month for Chinese Language student of one year or one term and bachelors, 3000 Chinese Yuan per month for masters(You need go to China Construction Bank near the south gate of Henan University(Minglun campus which is also called Old campus) with passport to make a China Construction Bank card and send the correct account name and account number to the Recruiting and Enrolling Office as soon as you can. Henan University will send living expenses to your account after a month. You will not receive your expenses if you send wrong bank card information.)

09. Physical Examination: 340 Chinese Yuan each time (Paid by yourself. Give it in cash to the Center of Henan Health Examination for International Traveler)

10. Residence Permit:400 Chinese Yuan each time (Paid by Yourself. Give it in cash to Kaifeng Entry and Exit Administration Bureau)


You shall finish all the payment of NO. 05, 06 within ten days after entering China. Then Henan University will drive you to Zhengzhou (the Center of Henan Health Examination for International Traveler) to have a physical examination and help you make the Residence Permit. Please prepare enough money to avoid troubling.

ISCLC, Henan University

Kaifeng, Henan, China